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Made from 80% recycled newsprint and cellulose, these sorbent pads, rolls, and socks are more absorbent than polypropylene sorbents. Our oil sorbent pads will save you time, costs and workload when cleaning up after a spill. Extremely high absorption rates ensure you contain and clean as. Anchor Brand Universal Sorbent Pads.

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NPS Corp HVUT Spilfyter® Universal Hi-Viz Sorbent Pad Hanging Conv · MPN: HVUT | · NPN: SPF HVUT |. Meltblown Sorbent Pad - Oil Only - EP % polypropylene fibers. Hydrophopic. Highly absorbent pads take on 25x their weight. 3M's high-capacity pads soak up petroleum and oil-based chemicals without absorbing water. Petroleum sorbent pads have a scrim on one side to increase.

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Shop Meltblown Technologies GDM - Universal Sorbent Pad. Pads and Rolls. GDM My Part #: GDM Meltblown Technologies. / Case. 3M Marine Oil Sorbent Pad; Function: Absorbs petroleum-based products, coolants, cutting fluids, etc. Does not absorb water; Great for bilge areas, engine rooms. Universal sorbent pads absorb and clean up both water-based and oil-based liquids while repelling water. These flat pads come pre-cut to size or in roll.