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In order to focus resources on collectable accounts, thus minimising the cost of Council Tax, Non Domestic Rates and Miscellaneous Income debts;. mortgage or rent arrears, council tax Housing and Council Tax Benefit are national means Debt Relief Orders, Free Debt Management Plans. arrears with rent, utility bills, telephone bills, council tax and income tax; benefits overpayments; hire purchase or conditional sale agreements; buy now –.

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Contact us · Council Tax reminders. We'll send you a Council Tax reminder if we don't receive a payment by the due date shown on your bill. · Court summons. If. We advise you which payments to prioritise and help you deal with priority debts such as Rent, Electricity/Gas arrears, Mortgage, or Council Tax arrears. S is a single mum with two children under two years old. She had to flee domestic violence and came to us for help with debts, particularly Council Tax arrears.

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If you have more than one debt with the council but are unable to pay these off in the time expected, you may be offered a fair debt arrangement. This means you. What is the council tax arrears process? Why have you sent me a reminder to pay my council tax, when I pay by standing order every month? Helping hands - advice on debt, bills and making your money go further. £ Council Tax Energy Rebate · Council support if you're in financial.