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As long as the income value of the property is sufficient to service the taxes, insurance and mortgage, a stated income loan is typically easy to obtain. These are loans for which there is little to no documentation required from you to substantiate your income for the purposes of qualifying for a refinance. Over. A No Income Verification Loan, also known as a Reduced Document Loan or a Stated Loan, was a very popular loan option in Connecticut at the height of the.

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Unlike a typical loan that looks heavily at your credit history and requires piles of paperwork, a stated income loan from Flex Capital looks at your property. Some loans have lower overall interest rates while others are popular because of fast approval and flexibility. For example, a stated income commercial real. A stated income commercial real estate loan serves as an alternative to traditional financing options and gives you the freedom to grow your company in any way.

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The stated income method may allow you to paint a more accurate picture of your financial means. Apply for a Bank Statement Loan in Washington State Now. Not. The qualifications required for such a loan remain the same for every applicant, i.e. an analysis of the individual's net income, coupled with determination of. Stated income commercial real estate loans are a way to buy or refinance commercial real estate property and can be an alternative to traditional loans for.