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Exeter Trust Company serves as Trustee of the Florida Land Trust and owns the real or personal property in its name in its fiduciary capacity as Trustee of the. A Land Trust establishes a form of property ownership by way of a private agreement. Under this arrangement, a trustee agrees to take title to property for the. A land trust is a real property title-holding vehicle, a trust agreement under which the beneficiary directs the trustee in all matters affecting title to.

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Confidentiality of ownership. Under a Land Trust in which you name Marquette Bank the trustee, we are the publicly recorded holder of your property. Unless you. Sec. 2. A land trust agreement may provide that the trustee, when directed to do so by the beneficiaries of the trust or. The Greenbelt Land Trust Trustee Council are a group of committed individuals who have served the organization for years in various capacities.

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A trustee is an individual or organization appointed to hold and manage the assets of a beneficiary. The trustee is granted legal title of the assets through. The property held by the Florida Land Trust is actually owned by the Trustee of the trust. The Trustee has a fiduciary duty to the beneficiary and must act. It is an arrangement by which legal title to real estate is transferred from you to a land trust with Home State Bank as trustee. However, unlike a revocable.